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Art is the Weapon Competition: GRAND PRIZE!!!

The grand prize winner of the Art is the Weapon Competition is so awarded because it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of The Kittelbach Pirates.

It’s scrappy. It’s messy. It’s not perfect but it’s got an energy that no amount of polish can replicate.

Teenage filmmaker Matthew Edwards of Calthwaite has crafted a maniac masterpiece.

It’s inventive. It’s DIY. It’s PUNK. Edwards, welcome to The Pirates, you jammy salami! Enjoy the comic, the signed copy of the script, the Andrew Tunney print and the original art we will soon be sending your way …

The rest of you, bask in the radiance!!!

Art is the Weapon Competition: 2ND PLACE!


The Rat Race to pole position was so close we’ve decided to boost the 2nd place prize! As well as the comic, a signed copy of the script and the Andrew Tunney print, we’re throwing in an original Laughing Indio t-shirt designed by our very own scribbler INDIO.

We dig this like a Normandy trench! Immaculate skills, psychedelic colours…AND A RAINBOW BRIDGE OF ASGARD!

Congratulations, Martin Juaristi from Bilbao, you unruly tyke!

Art is the Weapon Competition: 3RD PLACE!

This collage (see? we can be classy when we fucking well choose to be) came in from Anonymous (read: a homicidal maniac). Blinding signed portrait of Pryde and Punch (and is that Pashun down there?) lurking all creepy-like. Dave McKean in the skin of this one. Excellent work, Anonymous, you disturbed weirdo. We love your artings.


Competition over!


IT’S GAME OVER FOR THE RAYGUN ROADS ART IS THE WEAPON COMPETITION!! Winners and wieners will be announced each day starting tomorrow! We received some outstanding and uncensored brilliance, congratulations to all who participated! You’re all winners…unless you didn’t win. In which case, you’re a loser.

Raygun Roads Lakes Ignition!

Raygun Roads on Tour by Javi Godoy

Raygun Roads on Tour by rising superstar Javi Godoy

Join us for the world fucking Debut of the Raygun Roads album at next weeks first ever lakes international comic art fest where we’ll be dredging up the corpses of the romantics and doing bad bad things to them.

On sale in The Comics Clocktower:

  •  The full comic book fresh off the press
  • Raygun limited edition print by Andrew Tunney
  • Raygun cartoon sticker set by James Lawrence (free with the first 20 purchases).
The stickers!!!

The stickers!!!

Scribe Owen will be allowed out of the straight jacket and talking Raygun amongst other things at a scheduled event. Buy the god-damn tickets here


Come by Kendal, we will make you new.

If you can’t make it to the show, don’t cry about it you wussy! The online store is coming soon and it’s a bag full of sexy merch that will blow your boobs off. The comic will also be available in the following stores from October 30th:

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Travelling Man – Manchester
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Travelling Man – Newcastle
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Travelling Man – York
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Pulp’s Comics
9 rue Dante
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Tel: 01 40 51 80 62

If you are a reviewer that would like to review the book email us at

JUST FIV5 DAYS LEFT to send us your entry for the ART IS THE WEAPON competition!!! Check out the original post with all you need to know about this true contest of champions HERE!!!

For more amazing Javi Godoy art, check his Facebook page and get yourself a piece of his fantastic original art from his online store before they fly away!!! We love this guy!!!