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My babies,

Good news and shite.

The bad news is comiXology rejected Raygun Roads like that sexy little number you tried to french at the school disco in year 9. Rejected. So. Hard.
This is due to legal issues and potential copyright infringement.

Raygun Roads was always intended as a purge of anger and love. Starting out myself and Brad Tuttle never thought this comic would find such a passionate audience, nor any audience at all. Which is pretty obvious, when you witness what a deformed little comic book we made together. Under the impression we were creating something tethered to the underground we included album covers, film stills and product placement in flagrant breach of copyright. Because Raygun is a Frankenstein creation of trash culture. Because it was fun. Because we had no money and you can’t sue a straw man. Just because.

As a result, comiXology cannot be responsible for hosting the book. Which is entirely understandable, if a little disappointing. The whole Raygun Roads team would have loved the opportunity to contaminate the minds of the much wider audience comiXology provides.

But like the video nasties, moonshine hooch in the 1930’s and the explicit cut of that Robin Thicke music video, prohibition only stokes desire.

Thus, you can still get hold of Raygun Roads directly from in digital form (with a 2nd print on sale from April 19th) and you can read (and hear) the comic in its entirety with a digital soundtrack right here.

What can we say? The Kittelbach Pirates love ya.


The latest news from the interground has it that the entirety of the Raygun Roads webcomic will crackle live tomorrow April 2nd. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL – YOU ARE! From tomorrow is is possible to overdose on punk and comics in one glorious hit of skanky fuzz!

Breathe in the fumes here tomorrow!

Not only that, but the Kittelbach Pirates have announced a live performance for one night only to celebrate the 2nd printing of the sold-out, award-winning, nausea-inducing indie darling that had The Beat say: “Read this comic and re-charge your soul … THIS IS WHAT COMICS ARE FOR!”


The Lazarus Pit tour date is part of the CULT art exhibition after-party taking place at Orbital Comics London on Easter Saturday April 19th.


We expect accountants, hipsters, Raygun Roadies, vikings, witches, and the ghost of Jim Morrison. Be there to hear the Kittelbach Pirates tear it up and get your hands on the comic!

Talking of which here’s INDIO and Andy Bloor’s brand-new cover to SIDE B:

Picture 1

For those format junkies amongst you, the 2nd print will be produced at standard US comic size on 90gsm Book Wove. PULP PAPER, BITCHES! We’re going the full Kirby on this sucker.

Perversely (and because we’re cruel mother truckers) these 2nd print copies are even more limited than the 1st print run. If you’ve never experienced Raygun Roads before now is the time. Even if you bought it already, give us ya money again!