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In the run up to release of our deranged little beast, The Kittelbach Pirates are launching a competition for YOU to become a part of this orgy of popular culture. For details on how to enter the competition to win Raygun Roads prizes, read on culture vultures!


Of all the submitted entries, the top three (3) will be selected by our very own Raygun Roads! Here’s what you are fighting for:

  • 3rd place: you get the comic
  • 2nd place: you get the comic, a signed copy of the script and the Andrew Tunney print
  • Grand prize: you get the comic, a signed copy of the script, the Andrew Tunney print and the original art for one of the comic pages of the comic
Raygun Roads by Andrew Tunney

Raygun Roads by Andrew Tunney


There are (at least) two possible ways to participate in this competition:

  1. Do your own thing based on the Raygun Roads universe:
    • Art and/or Photography
    • Music
    • Video
    • Write and draw your own Raygun Roads comic strip
  2. Play with any of the material already out:
    • You can remix SUCK ON MY SUPERNOVA (we will even provide some samples:
    • Re-color the following page

      Page for you to color!

      Page for you to color!

    • Re-draw, re-script, … Whatever you want!
  3. Surprise us!!!


  • Entries must be submitted by email to
  • Deadline for entry submission: October 13th, 2013
  • By taking part in this competition, you confirm that you are at least 18
  • Winners will be announced no later than October 20th
  • Winners will be contacted after the announcement to get the address details
  • Winning pieces will be featured on the blog

Deflated Animated

Animated Raygun Roads Poster

Animated Raygun Roads Poster by James Lawrence

One from the vault.

Unused concept artwork for a proposed Saturday morning cartoon chronicling the further exploits of The Kittelbach Pirates and their continuing battle against the forces of D-VOID.

Scheduled to air for a minimum of 5 seasons, the show got canned when Raygun insulted the head of The Cartoon Network. The details remain a mystery.

Before it’s cancellation, ‘Kittelbach Pirates FIRE!‘ was deep in preproduction, as evidenced by the following character designs submitted by showrunner, James Lawrence:




Image copyright Andrew Tunney

Image copyright Andrew Tunney


Raygun Roads models for Andrew Tunney to promote the launch of her new album. Armour plating by Negroli, Raygun and Komodo dragon models own.

The image, which was denied approval to run in Vogue Italia, Harpers Bazaar and Radio Times will be available as a limited edition print at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, where the album debuts.

And because we are in a giving mood, here’s a Dub remix of the album’s first hit: “Suck on my Supernova”