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Starburst Sabotage!

Holla Frankenhookers!

PM BUCHAN – our friend and co-conspirator (check out his masterpiece of filth BLACKOUT )- has reviewed the Raygun Roads ashcan in the latest issue of Starburst Magazine #392.


“Tearing through themes of modern pop culture, recession politics, anarchy-versus-establishment and the powers of self-expression, Raygun Roads dances between the raindrops of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga, Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles and David Hine and Shaky Kane’s Bulletproof Coffin to create a neon-flashing love letter to rebellion and creativity…a psychedelic ride into the kind of humid teenage wish-fulfilment that David Lapham’s Vertigo series Young Liars was renowned for.”

P.M. Buchan, folks. What a writer.

Forbidden Planet International Invasion!

We infiltrated Forbidden Planet International August 15th, with help from underground gladiator Richard Bruton!


There’s an interview with Owen Michael Johnson, that wanky little upstart.

There’s a redux trailer in sexy high deffffff

There’s a review of the ashcan.

Highlights (my favourite bits)

“Music video culture belching out pop renegades, punk ideals and comic art wonders….. Raygun Roads is part comics, part multi-media event, part biography, part musical obituary.”

“It’s really a superspeed trip into weirdness, Johnson and artist Indio really pushing it all up to 11”

“It’s a perfect little modern pop thing, bursting quick and bright on the consciousness.”

FPI, you juicy little beauties! We can’t wait to take the whole trip with you!

To celebrate this first news piece on the revolution, here’s Miles being a tourist in the 1991 Sega Megadrive game, Streets of Rage! Cheeky monkey!